Our name is MOVIads and what we do is guided by the fundamental need to fulfill your advertising objectives. We operate online, but our company is not a virtual entity. We also exist in physical space, so if you would like to meet us, please visit our office in Warsaw’s Wola district.

We specialise in implementing online video advertising campaigns, but we also operate in all other channels. We know the video advertising market, the available space and – above all – the key producers very well.

We are a member of IAB Poland!


In April 2021, we became a “Gold” signatory of the Qualid programme in the ad networks group.

At MOVIads, we have undergone training on mechanisms and good practices directly related to the quality of digital advertising in the areas of: Brand Safety, Anti-Fraud, Programmatic and Viewability.
Qualid/IAB was created to integrate participants in the programmatic industry, improve the quality of digital advertising, educate and promote best practices. It focuses on areas that have a key impact on the safety of brands advertised (BrandSafety), on the phenomenon of fraud and fake traffic (Anti-Fraud), on the safety of automated ad buying (Programmatic) and on the most important aspect: the growing importance of comprehensive qualitative assessment of the effectiveness of digital advertising (Viewability).

The IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework project allows companies and consumers to gain a dynamic insight into websites that store and process personal data.

The Framework (TCF) was launched in April 2018 by IAB Europe in collaboration with organisations and professionals from the digital advertising industry. Its main objective is to enable technology companies and producers to obtain and manage relevant consents in the digital advertising ecosystem.

The TCF is designed to help all participants in the digital advertising chain to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing personal data or accessing and storing information on a user’s device, such as cookies, advertising tags, device identifiers and other tracking technologies.

The framework’s technology is based on JavaScript API and allows the selection of third parties, the storage of user choices and the transmission of information about approved third parties so that participants in the digital advertising ecosystem understand which sites have been approved by both producers and users.

Its key element is a unique registry, known as the Global Vendor List, which is a list of registered and approved third parties that a producer may allow to access information on users’ devices or to process their users’ data for specific purposes.

This provides users with transparency as to how and by whom their personal data is processed. Furthermore, the TCF lets providers and their partners involved in programmatic advertising know whether they are processing their users’ personal data for advertising purposes in accordance with law.

MOVIads is the first independent Multichannel Programmatic TV advertising network in Poland. It executes Video Cross Channel campaigns on all screens and media regardless of the platform and technology. It specialises in planning, buying and comprehensive preparation of video advertising campaigns. It integrates them across all channels and optimises them in terms of effectiveness and customer-defined KPIs. MOVIads is a member of IAB Poland.


We are the first completely independent Multichannel Programmatic advertising network. In addition, we carry out Video Cross Channel campaigns on all screens and media, regardless of platform or technology. We are not afraid of PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet screens or of Digital OOH and Smart TV.

We operate as a video advertising network and also carry out standard digital campaigns (CPC) and mailings.


Above all, your comfort and satisfaction. We do not make any general assumptions. Our offer is tailored to your needs. We can assure you that we will do everything to implement your campaign as effectively as possible. Moreover, we highly value the best standards of business ethics and conduct, so we never make empty promises.

We offer a test campaign. This is the best solution both for you and for us. Following on from it, together we can check and verify what potential we have in a given area and how we should optimise further actions.


When you are satisfied!

Our priority is not only to deliver the best results, but also to build and develop the best possible quality relations with both clients and producers. We have a strong team of dynamic and results-oriented experts.

Our people know what they are doing and how to achieve your goals!

We have the necessary expertise to support you in your advertising activities!
All you need to do is contact us!

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